JK Custom Homes Custom Ranch

Ranch Home Living Continues to Rise in Popularity

As more millennials enter the housing market and empty-nesters look to downsize, ranch style homes are seeing a significant rise in popularity across the United States....

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Union Village Warren County Illustration - J&K Custom Homes

New Urbanism on Display at Homearama Lifestyle Edition

Envision a community where everything you need exists within walking distance. Neighbors wave to neighbors as they stroll to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, libraries, and shops...

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Custom Home Metal Finishes - J&K Custom Homes

Mixing Metal Finishes

As we guide our clients through the interior design process of their custom home, they frequently ask, “Are you sure we can mix metal finishes?” And,...

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 Custom Home Builder Blog - Ideal Time to Build a Home

Now Is the Ideal Time to Build a Custom Home

In 2020, many homeowners found themselves spending much more time at home than they ever anticipated. The kitchen became the home office. The living room doubled...

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Family Fare - Grill Banner -  J&K Custom Homes

Building Dreams and Sharing Family Fare

Cooking is love made visible.” - Kahlil Gibran As a chef and more importantly a family man.  The words of an inspiring 19th century poet, author,...

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Holiday Meal Inspiration - having fun cooking -  J&K Custom Homes

Inspiration for your holiday meal planning

J&K has partnered with renowned chef Leland Cummings in a special 2-part series highting chef-inspired trends, secrets and “pro tips”.  Our clients enjoy some beautifully designed...

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Organize Ideas for Your Dream Home - J&K Custom Homes Blog

Organize Ideas for Your Dream Home

After deciding to build a custom home, your imagination runs wild with ideas. You begin to find creative concepts everywhere you look. And, with so many...

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End of Open Floor Plan - J&K Custom Homes

Is It the End of the Open Floor Plan?

With people spending more time at home these days, luxury home builders are seeing an increase in requests for floor plans with more defined spaces, a...

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Perfect Custom Kitchen  - J&K Custom Homes Blog

Design the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the entire house. It serves as a place for families and guests to prepare meals and share...

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Why Was “The Hampton” a Homearama Home Run?

During its two-week showcase event, Cincinnati’s Homearama 2019 featured some of the most incredible homes in the Cincinnati Metro Area. “The Hampton,” J&K Custom Homes’ 6,513-square-foot...

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