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J&K Custom Homes knows that you want to enjoy the process of building your custom home. Through our guided concierge approach, we help you turn your dream into a reality. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision from start to finish, leaving no detail overlooked. We believe in our 5-Phase DREAM Process to ensure that we’ve addressed every detail to deliver the best results for you and your custom home.

Dream™ - Welcome to J&K's DREAM Process
Dream™ - Your Vision

Your Vision

When you close your eyes, what does your dream home look like? Guided by our experts in design and the latest construction methods,
bring your dream home from an idea to a design that you can see.

Dream™ - Location

Location and Land

What is the dream setting for your custom home? It might be on a lot that you already own, or on one of our lots in one of several prestigious communities that we build in.

Dream™ - Your Investment

Your Investment

We work with you to refine your project budget, assisting as needed with navigating various financial options available for your custom home investment.

Dream™ - Dream Process
Dream™ Process - Modern Home
Dream™ Process - Large Home
Dream™ - Review
Dream™ - Review your vision

Review Your Vision

In order to fully align our design concepts with your vision, we continue to revisit your ideas for your dream home. This allows us to move along the design path while staying true to your vision.

Dream™ - Lot Selection

Review Location and Lot Options

We work with you to review final options on the location of your build and secure lot holds as necessary.

Dream™ - Cost Estimation

Review Estimate of Cost Range to Build Your Dream Home

We discuss a general cost estimate. This allows you to plan your budget and determine where to emphasize your investment in your dream home.

Dream™ - Review Vaulted Ceiling
Dream™ - Review Faucet and Backsplash
Dream™ - Review Kitchen
Dream™ - Engage
Dream™ - Engage Process - Commit

Commit to Begin Our Design Process

Enter into our Design Service Agreement to begin our Design Process. At this stage, your lot is now secured for your dream home.

Dream™ - J&K Design Team

Engage Our J&K Design Team

Our architects put pen to paper and transform your vision into a blueprint. We work with you throughout the blueprint design process to ensure that it aligns with your vision.

Dream™ - Determine Allowances

Determine Allowances

During this stage we work closely with you and our design build team to understand any allowances that would be recommended for your building process.

Dream™ - Engage Bedroom
Dream™ - Engage Stairwell
Dream™ - Engage Media Room
Align - Dream™
Dream™ - Approval

Approval and Sign-off of Home Design

Have we captured your vision properly? Do the plans reflect the dream home you want?

Dream™ - Get Permits

Obtain Construction Cost

Every home is priced out with specifications specific to your home and based on current market material and labor pricing.

Dream™ - Construction Agreement

Review Construction Agreement and Home Specifications

An in-depth presentation of how your home will be constructed, allowances and total cost to construct will be reviewed with you.

Dream™ - Execute Agreement

Execute Agreement

Formalize our construction partnership with your building contract, then your J&K Custom Homes award- winning dream home begins to be built!

Align Process - Dream™
Align Process - Dream™
Align Process - Dream™
Move - Dream™
Dream™ Move - Selection

Move Forward Into the Finalization of Design Plans and the Selection Process

Working with our interior designer, you will begin to make the personalized design selections that will allow your custom dream home to come to life with your individualized vision, guided by experts in the latest designs.

Dream™ - Complete Financing

Move Forward to Complete Financing

We help you finalize your home financing details so we can move forward with the construction of your dream home.

Dream™ - Construction Process

Begin Construction

As construction begins you will be given an overview of the construction phases and key milestones will be identified.

Dream™ - Move In

Move into your Completed Dream Home

We facilitate your J&K custom dream home closing and give you the keys to your forever home!

Dream™ Move Process - Beautiful Modern Space
Dream™ Move Process - Open Door
Dream™ Process Move - Open Space

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